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Expertise in Quality Springs
Quality springs and wire forms might not be the largest components in your product, but they play an important role in your product’s quality. It all starts on the assembly line, where you rely on our springs and wire forms to interface smoothly with your production line every day.

We take this responsibility seriously and make every effort to ensure that we meet all of your production requirements. That means assisting you with quality spring design, testing prototypes, eliminating entanglements and whatever it takes to get the job done right, day after day.

Most of our Quality Control Team have worked at Spiros or within the spring manufacturing industry for over 20 years. That brings a lot of hands-on knowledge and experience to our core expertise.

Quality Testing
Another aspect of our Quality Assurance is the depth of quality testing that we initiate as part of our standard operating procedures. We validate the quality and repeatability of our design and process engineering solutions, as well as the strength and longevity of the final spring, coiling and wire forming components we manufacture.

To ensure repetitive production results, we utilize diverse equipment to meet our customers’ specification and turn-around requirements.

We also have the various quality testing equipment to verify our engineering and manufacturing processes and to validate the specifications that our clients’ projects demand.

Successful spring design employs materials, form and fit into the design configurations to assess ways that will save on weight and space. It is important that spring designs be considered early in the total design analysis. In settling on spring designs, the designer must choose the operating stress that fits his spring configuration and material choice. The solution must meet the chosen conditions of load, travel, and available space.

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